We are dedicated to the music, performing arts, and entertainment community.  We've been an authorized eNom reseller since 2003.  All of our domains are in eNom's registry system, one of the top ICANN registrars in the world.  With over 6 million registered names, you can be confident that your domain names will be stable, reliable and secure.
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Domain Name Creative Services
Do you have a great online business idea, without  the perfect Dot-Com name?  Then hire us to create a great name for you.  We work on a flat-fee retainer of $1,000.  This fee will buy you 5 names custom-designed for your business.

Many of the best names are already taken, especially the Dot-Com names.  So it takes special creativity, know-how and command of language to design names that are short, easy to remember and to-the-point.  Just like a brand name, a good domain name should say exactly what your business is about.

Creative domain names are our best products!

Please note:  The above fee assumes we will work from our location using your business concept communicated electronically or by mail.  If you require on-site presence for meetings and presentations, then additional time, materials and expenses will be billed.  You tell us where and how many meetings, and we can provide up-front estimates in advance.  We can provide written quotes and work with your purchasing manager.