We are dedicated to the music, performing arts, and entertainment community.  We've been an authorized eNom reseller since 2003.  All of our domains are in eNom's registry system, one of the top ICANN registrars in the world.  With over 6 million registered names, you can be confident that your domain names will be stable, reliable and secure.
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Equipment Repair Services
Our expert analog & digital instrument and equipment repairs are available directly to end users and repair shops.  We specialize in the difficult or impossible repairs where: (1) Parts are hard to find or unavailable, (2) Symptoms are intermittent, and (3) Everyone else tried and failed to fix the damned thing.

Our fully equipped lab has high speed logic analysis capablility along with the typical analog audio test equipment.    We can effectively diagnose digital/analog signal, digital interface,  and switching/linear power supply problems.

We can also provide custom digital/analog modifications to your specifications.
Please contact our repair department directly at: